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        3 min read

        How do you create your buyer persona for B2B

        Buyer Personas are fictitious representations of your ideal customers.

        Defining your Buyer Personas will help you reach your ideal customer.

        The main advantages of defining and creating your Buyer Personas are threefold:

        • You will attract the ideal client profile that brings you the most value, both economic value, as well as value in the relationship, synergies with your company and future expectations.
        • You will better qualify the new business opportunities that come to you, prioritizing those whose profile matches your Buyer Persona and Ideal Customer profile (company profile).
        • It will help you to better define your Content Marketing Strategy and also in the development and evolution of your products or services.

        Buyer Persona INTO THE B2B ACTIVITIES

        Although our clients in a B2B market are companies, we are dealing with people who communicate on behalf of their companies and we need to understand in depth their needs (both as a company and as a professional), their challenges and the relationship they have with their company, which we will mainly know thanks to their position.

        As we work with larger companies, this aspect becomes more complex and we need to understand very well how the company is organized to know who influences, who proposes and who decides (although it could all fall on a single person). For this reason it is not uncommon to have to define 2 or 3 Buyer Personas, being advisable a maximum of 2.

        In general, the best defined buyer personas are those obtained after conducting market research, as well as internal research obtained from your commercial area and your current ideal customers, either through personal interviews, sending a questionnaire or by creating a focus group.


        Difference between Buyer Persona and ideal customer

        The Buyer Persona and the Ideal Customer Profile are two different but closely related things. The Ideal Customer Profile in B2B companies refers to the companies, while the Buyer Persona is the person who is the interlocutor for the purchase or contracting of your products or services.

        In the case of B2C it is different, since the ideal customer profile contains a list of criteria that the customer we want to target should have (income, age, geographic location, interests ....). While the Buyer Persona is a fictitious representation of their profile.


        How can we define the profile of your Buyer Persona?

        Let's get practical! There are many ways to gather information to create your buyer personas accurately. Here are a few hints:


        ask questions that help you capture key information for your CRM.

        One way to gather information to create buyer personas is to search through your database and contacts and investigate how different lead or customer profiles consume your content. As you can offer more valuable content on your website (ebooks, calculators, infographics, etc...) you can ask for more information from your prospects in your forms. This is when you have to collect data on their job title, size of their company, number of employees, as well as other data that will help you to qualify them.


        Interview the people in your sales department

        Talk to your sales colleagues and ask them about the profile of the current customers that bring the most value to the company. If you don't already have them, ask them to open a discussion about which company profile would bring the most value based on your company's value proposition. From this you could get very valuable information, such as knowing what kind of customers you have provided a better service to and who are the most satisfied with what you sell.


        Unlike the B2C market this aspect is vital in B2B. When working with companies we should focus on the ones that are most profitable for our business and the companies that best fit your methodology and way of working.

        Interview customers or leads, either by phone or in person to find out what they like most about your products or services. Ask them what media they use to get information, what they value most in their suppliers and other questions that will help you to know in depth their challenges and expectations.


        OrganizE YORU INFORMATION 

        Once you have collected the information, it is time to organize it and create a graphic image of your Buyer Persona. Create a card that includes a fictitious image and the most relevant information. Below is a basic graphic example.

        And don't forget to test and share with the whole organization, if your company is small, or with the marketing, sales and management areas that the Buyer Persona are correct. And of course review them and implement new ones every time new products/services are launched or the business model changes.


        Identifying your Anti-Buyer Persona

        Creating content takes a lot of effort and strategy, the topics you choose, the images and the documents you design are meant to attract your buyer persona, but what happens when your content seems to attract unqualified leads? For example:

        • People you can't help with your value proposition
        • People and companies that could be potential customers but with a high acquisition cost.

        When this happens you must identify them and know that they are not your ideal customer, the best way to exclude them is with the use of Workflows, scoring and with your Sales team.

        If you are interested in knowing how to create a buyer persona, Hubspot offers you a really good tools that you can use in your process of making your persona.


        [UPDATED: 24/10/2019]

        What are buyer personas and what are they for?

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