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How you can create a Lead Scoring and Lead Qualification System

In the field of Digital Marketing, lead qualification is the technique used to identify the suitability and importance of a contact or lead for our company. Its objective is to identify the best opportunities and offer us a prioritization system.

When we handle few business opportunities this process is done intuitively and manually, when we already handle a certain volume we need an automatic system that helps us to establish prioritization criteria and techniques to optimize the process.


advantages of a good Lead Qualification system

  1. You optimize the resources of the Commercial Area by prioritizing leads and business opportunities based on business and lead suitability criteria.

  2. You don't miss any important business opportunity. Whether it is a first sale, renewal, cross-selling or up-selling.

  3. You have an ordered list of leads or business opportunities in order of importance. This is a vital piece of information for any type of marketing activity (sending personalized email marketing) or sales activity (commercial call or sending an email to have a commercial contact).

  4. You get more data from your contacts to segment your database automatically. In a rating process, in addition to assigning points, you can include your contacts in lists or assign them properties according to their behavior. The clearest example is to automatically assign a property or list to a user of a particular Service if he/she reads two contents related to that Service on your Website or Blog.

To automate lead qualification and optimize our sales process in the digital channel, there are two key tools: the lead qualification matrix and the Lead Scoring system, which we will see in their two main applications: To identify ideal customers and to create micro-segmented marketing campaigns. 


The Leads qualification matrix

The definition of the Buyer Persona and ideal customer profiles will lead us to the next step: Create a lead qualification matrix that allows us to identify and order business opportunities according to business and suitability criteria. 

A lead qualification matrix is a word or excel file where we list a series of priority criteria or variables for our business (corresponding to fields or properties of our CRM) to which we will assign a score according to whether we classify them as HIGH, MEDIUM or LOW potential. Here you can see an example:

Screenshot 2021-10-18 at 12.37.17

In this way, by obtaining the data of these variables, fields or properties in our CRM we will automatically qualify the potential customers with a score. And if we sort the list of companies and contacts with their Lead Scoring score we will be able to order the Leads by priority order.


Lead Scoring to identify your ideal customer

The Lead Scoring technique helps us to have information about the level of interest of the leads. 

This technique consists of assigning a series of points to each of the users who interact with our website and/or with different campaigns and digital assets and/or who meet a series of business criteria. Let's see how the Scoring would be assigned with the above qualification matrix.

Screenshot 2021-10-18 at 12.20.52


If you use the HubSpot Platform you will need to have a PRO or ENTERPRISE Sales license to access this type of Lead Scoring.




Another application of Lead Scoring is to assign points to the behavior of the contacts you have in your database or CRM, as in these examples:

  • For each visit to a certain page on our website. Depending on the page you visit, we may assign more or less points. For example: If you visit the Rates page, we assume that you are considering buying or contracting our product/service and we will give you more points than if you visit the Home page.

  • By downloading a success story. In this case we will assign a high score because a user interested in a success story might be interested in replicating it for his company. 

  • Reading a post from our Blog. Depending on the type of content and the value provided by the service/solution targeted by the sale, we will assign more or less points.

  • The opening of an email or newsletter. Contacts who open our emails and read a content such as a newsletter show that they are still interested and therefore it is convenient to assign points and increase their scoring.

Some examples of point allocation could be as follows:

  • Visit to the Home page of our website - 2 points

  • Visit our Rates page - 10 points

  • Downloading a success story - 20 points

  • Reading a discovery post (awareness stage) - 1 point

  • Reading a post about why you should choose our solutions - 4 points

  • View our newsletter - 2 points

The end result is that your contacts gradually and automatically achieve a higher score as they become interested in certain content or interact with certain campaigns. 

If you use the HubSpot Platform you will need to have a PRO or ENTERPRISE Marketing license to access this type of Lead Scoring.

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