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Inbound 2021 conference news

HubSpot is unstoppable. At the beginning of October, a week before the INBOUND 2021 Conference, it was recognized for its global vision and its ability to execute and included as a leading marketing automation platform by the consulting firm Gartner, in its famous "Magic Quadrant".



Last October 12 INBOUND 2021 conference took place; HubSpot presented all its news with the focus on helping companies to better align their data, channels and teams.

Here is a summary:


HubSpot Payments –Native payment system 

One of the major new features is the launch of HubSpot Payments, a native payment system that works with all major debit and credit cards and transfers between bank accounts. 

The platform includes payment links, recurring payments and native integration with HubSpot's quoting feature in Sales Hub. 

At the moment it is only available in the USA, we will let you know when it is available in Europe.

Firma y pagos nativos en HubSpot


Service HUB –New Customer CENTER

If you have the Service HUB license your customers will have their own PORTAL, to easily view and manage their support tickets, explore the knowledge base and have personalized access to their entire service experience. 

Service Hub de HubSpot - Nuevo portal de cliente

You will also be able to introduce new personalized feedback surveys, so you can ensure that customers feel valued and listened to at all times.

Encuestas personalizadas en Service Hub de HubSpot


HUB DE OPERACIONES – more integration data and reports 

In 2021, HubSpot has made over 50 new data sync integrations created by HubSpot with some of the most requested tools - NetSuite, AirCall, Xero and more. They've also introduced custom behavioral events, now in beta, to help you track and report on any site or app activity directly in HubSpot.

And with the vastly improved custom report builder, you can create custom reports with all your CRM data, including contacts, companies, and deals, plus custom objects, behavioral events, campaigns, and more, all in one place.

Nuevos filtros y vistas en Operations HUB de HubSpot


New Operations HUB

Operations Hub Enterprise, available for purchase on November 1, 2021, takes the unified system of record to the next level with a new business intelligence feature called DATASETs.

With these DATASETS, operations managers can create data sets (pre-selected fields, calculated values, etc.) for downstream users to report on. 

The datasets enable operations managers to take control and provide faster, more consistent reporting to the business. 

Operations Hub Enterprise also provides a quick and easy way to integrate HubSpot data into Snowflake, an industry-leading data warehouse. Push the limits of HubSpot reporting and connect your data, channels and teams like never before.

DATASET o conjunto de datos - Operatioins HUB de HubSpot


More customization options

A more flexible user management permission system for each user and each team, including customized roles or jobs.

Opciones de personalizacion  - HUB de Operaciones de HUbSpot

Creation of SANDBOX or test environment (HUB Enterprise)

HubSpot's philosophy encourages "learning by doing" and agile management systems that allow testing multiple functionalities and versions for hypothesis validation, before launching it to all customers.

Large companies have always had sandbox environments in their technology systems, so as not to deploy versions of new features directly in production environments. This is now possible on the Hubspot Platform for Enterprise customers.

Because your sandbox mirrors your HubSpot portal, you can explore new features and test new ideas that will impress your customers and set your team up for success.

SANDBOX o entornos de pruebas en CMS Enterprise de HubSpot


future plans

HubSpot is continually developing new features to remain the leading CRM platform for growing businesses. 

HubSpot focuses on five core elements, present in all HUBS: 

  1. Automation
  2. Content
  3. Data
  4. Messaging
  5. Reports

Internally, they call them "key components" of the platform and you will always find a different combination of these elements in all hubs. 


Si quieres un nivel de información más detallado de todas las novedades y los planes de futuro no dudes en ponerte en contacto con nosotros.

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