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We are a HubSpot Partner Agency and we are certified in:

  • Inbound Marketing
  • Inbound Sales
  • Onboarding
  • Growth-Driven Design

Our HubSpot Services

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Performs marketing actions and integration of the entire system under one tool.linea-separador

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A strong and competitive industrial sector is vital to strengthen a country's economy.


The objective of an industrial company is to increase its profits; in order to achieve this, it needs to focus, among other factors, on improving its industrial marketing.

Industry is the second most important activity in the Spanish economy and the idea of reindustrializing the business fabric is a priority objective for our institutions.

The "fourth industrial revolution" (or smart industry) extends the digitalization of industry, not only to its production process, but also to its commercial process.

Industry 4.0" is an opportunity for those companies that increase their added value, promote a model focused on creating differential competitive levers, follow a customer orientation and are in permanent transformation.

The main marketing challenges facing industrial companies in Spain are:


Learn how we can help you with an Inbound Marketing or Inbound Sales approach depending on your resources and objectives.

Generate highly qualified leads and integrate all marketing actions.


If you want to:

- capture marketing leads and then convert them into sales leads.

- manage high-value content for your customers and prospects.

- carry out marketing actions with several tools and want to unify them in a single platform.

- automate marketing communications.

- improve your branding and competitive positioning in the market.

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If you don't want to miss any business opportunity and close better sales.


For companies that: 

-have one or more sales teams and need to improve their organization and provide them with the best sales technology.

- have a really important commercial area.

- work with a clear focus on generating sales leads. They mainly target individuals and companies that are looking for their solutions.

- need an ABS (Account-Based Sales) strategy to capture large accounts.

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We work for companies that are growing very fast and want to be leaders in their specialization.

Caring professionals who have a record of excellence in digital marketing with actual revenue results. As head of Marketing and sales of Asendia Spain I can say that the ROI is always ahead our expectations . Hayas is a must have partner to succeed in you Sales and Marketing targets.
María Gómez-Juárez
Marketing Director, Asendia Spain

Meet our expert in the Industrial sector and the companies we have worked with.





César Bela

Consultor, Expert in B2B Marketing & Branding

Industrial Sector


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