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We are a HubSpot Partner Agency and we are certified in:

  • Inbound Marketing
  • Inbound Sales
  • Onboarding
  • Growth-Driven Design

Our HubSpot Services

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Performs marketing actions and integration of the entire system under one tool.linea-separador

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Increase the productivity of your sales team.linea-separador

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Logistics &  Transportation



The Logistics and Transportation sectors are among the most competitive ones and have the greatest growth potential.

In Spain there are more than 28,000 logistics and transportation companies, and more than 500 million shipments are made annually, in addition to more than 800,000 employees in total. We are talking about such a competitive sector, where having a competitive advantage is a key and requires a very orderly global digital strategy.

These are some of the challenges that logistics and transportation companies face:

Inbound marketing for logistics and transportations companies 

Perfect for companies that:

- need to capture qualified marketing leads.

- manage valuable content for your customers and prospects.

- want to automate marketing communications.

- run acquisition campaigns on different platforms and need to manage leads in one place.

- are looking to improve conversion attribution.

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Inbound sales for Logistics and Transportation companies 

Perfect for companies that: 

- have one or more commercial teams.

- have a really important commercial area 

- need to manage sales leads. 

- work with large accounts and need an ABS (Account Based Sales) strategy.

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A Global Marketing and Sales Strategy ideal for Logistics and Transportation companies.


We can help you achieve your goals by improving your Marketing and/or Sales processes.

With Marketing, communicating branding actions and campaigns to get the best business opportunities, by integrating all your actions under a single platform and having at your disposal valuable information on marketing performance.

With Sales,helping your sales team to do their job better by helping them to improve and automate their sales processes and tasks and providing them with relevant information to close more sales. 

Working intensively in Marketing and Sales, with a single platform and application ecosystem, helps achieve business objectives and allows people from different areas to collaborate and improve their performance. 

Get in touch with us if you want us to analyze your Global Marketing and Sales Strategy. We guarantee you the best course.


We work for companies that are growing very fast and want to be leaders in their specialization.

Caring professionals who have a record of excellence in digital marketing with actual revenue results. As head of Marketing and sales of Asendia Spain I can say that the ROI is always ahead our expectations . Hayas is a must have partner to succeed in your Sales and Marketing targets.
María Gómez-Juárez
Marketing Director, Asendia Spain

Meet our expert in the Industrial sector and the companies we have worked with. 




Janhil Mejía

Consultor, Expert in B2B Marketing & Inbound Marketing

Logistics & Transportation Sector


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