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We are a HubSpot Partner Agency and we are certified in:

  • Inbound Marketing
  • Inbound Sales
  • Onboarding
  • Growth-Driven Design

Our HubSpot Services

    linea-separadorInbound Marketing 

    Performs marketing actions and integration of the entire system under one tool.linea-separador

    linea-separadorInbound Sales

    Increase the productivity of your sales team.linea-separador

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        Fintech & Insurtech


        The number of fintech and insurtech companies has doubled in 2 years

        According to Capital magazine, the number of fintech startups nearly doubled in the last year, reaching more than 21,700 companies worldwide. In 2018, 12,100 new companies were already incoporated.

        The financial and insurance sector is experiencing a real revolution. A customer-centric Inbound Marketing Strategy that automates marketing processes achieves rapid and sustainable growth.

        These are some of the challenges that companies in the Fintech & Insurtech sector are facing:

        Specialized in attraction marketing, focused on people, to help you attract and retain your Ideal Customer.

        Get highly qualified leads and integrate all marketing actions.


        Perfect for companies that:

        - need to capture qualified marketing leads

        - manage valuable content for your customers and prospects.

        - want to automate and plan marketing communications and campaigns.

        -conduct recruitment campaigns with different tools and need to manage leads in one place.

        -want to know your conversion attribution model and where each lead and customer comes from.

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        Don't miss any business opportunity and close more and better sales.


        Perfect for companies that:

        - have one or more commercial teams.

        - have an important commercial department.

        - need to manage and optimize sales leads. 

        - work with large accounts and need an ABS (Account Based Sales) strategy.

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        A strategy that focuses on the people is essential for fintech and insurtech companies.

        Conoce a nuestros expertos en el sector Fintech & Insurtech y explora con ellos todo tu potencial. Estas son algunas de las empresas con las que hemos trabajado.


        Fernando Rivero

        Marketing Consultant. Specialized in the financial and insurance sector.

        Fintech & Insurtech Sector


        Rubén Reyero

        Marketing Consultant. Inbound Marketing & Sales Specialist.

        Fintech & Insurtech Sector

        bankia-vector-logo-1-1 logo-eurobits-alta Logo-Finect logoMMT-1 logo-evicertia-400
        We started our Inbound Marketing Strategy in 2019 with the help of Hayas Marketing Agency and the results have exceeded our expectations. We have developed Inbound Marketing campaigns quickly and recurrently capturing quality leads, as well as new partners. Hayas Marketing supports us with consulting services, support and training to our marketing and sales team, advising us on the implementation of the various tools and HubSpot innovations that are aligned to our strategy.
        Juan Carlos Llerena
        Juan Carlos Llerena
        CMO Evicertia

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