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We are a HubSpot Partner Agency and we are certified in:

  • Inbound Marketing
  • Inbound Sales
  • Onboarding
  • Growth-Driven Design

Our HubSpot Services

    linea-separadorInbound Marketing 

    Performs marketing actions and integration of the entire system under one tool.linea-separador

    linea-separadorInbound Sales

    Increase the productivity of your sales team.linea-separador

    We have experience in various sectors, see our case studies. 




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        Inbound Marketing

        Integrate and automatize the actions of your Marketing Plan with a unique platform oriented to optimize ROI and Marketing processes.


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        Inbound Marketing1

        We help you automatize and integrate all your marketing actions and optimize them on the HubSpot platform.

        Our job is to implement your Inbound Strategy with the HubSpot platform and create a Marketing system of continuous improvement, focusing on each of the stages, processes and objectives.

        Lead Generation and Lead Capture

        1. We analyze and optimize the process of capturing contacts and opportunities: telephone, visits, web forms, online chat, tools, channels...
        2. You will know the attribution or origin of each of your leads and you will be able to monitor the activity on your website and with your emails.
        3. We connect your acquisition campaigns on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram with your CRM.
        4. You will be able to create specific audiences (contact lists) for ads and Remarketing campaigns.



        Qualification y Lead Nurturing

        The volume of leads is not important if they do not have the quality or do not meet the qualification criteria we need.

        In an Inbound Marketing Strategy where the buyer comes to your content to find a solution to a problem:

        1. We analyze your qualification process or create it from scratch.
        2. We create or review your Buyer Personas and the Customer Journey.
        3. We establish different content for each Buyer Persona and for each stage of their Customer Journey:  Awareness -> Consideration ->Decision.
        4. We create a Lead Scoring system to score each lead and know at a glance which opportunities are the most interesting for your company.







        Marketing Plan Performance and ROI Reporting


        If we don't measure, we don't improve. Establishing a measurement system is vital for GROWTH..

        1. We analyze current KPI's and measurement tools, such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console and HubSpot..
        2. We implement a single report with real-time data with KPI's either in HubSpot, Google Data Studio or Databox.
        3. We periodically review the data to establish improvements in the Marketing Plan.




        Do you need help designing your Inbound Marketing Strategy?

        If you already know the benefits of Inbound Marketing and you are planning to install HubSpot we can help you with the design of your Inbound Strategy and its implementation. It takes 5 steps only!.

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        Onboarding HubSpot Marketing.

        We implement an easy-to-use tool that facilitates the execution of your marketing plan.

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        Content Localization.

        Our localization service facilitates the access of international companies to the Spanish-speaking market..


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        Marketing Automation

        We design and automate marketing actions with the best marketing technology.


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        Consulting & Training.

        We analyze your sales processes and resources with consulting and in-company training sessions. 

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        Companies using Inbound Marketing Automation solution

        formato educativo - logo-1 logo-asendia-1 Logo-Finect-1
        Hayas have been a very positive partner for the last year. The team is very proactive, has great attention to detail and are often proposing new actions and challenging our status quo. Responsive, professional anddelivering good results; we look forward to acontinued successful partnership with them..
        ASENDIA HQ
        After analyzing 3 expert agencies in Inbound, we opted for Hayas and we were not wrong. Reasonable in economic terms, flexibility, availability, agility, immediacy...... You can tell they are not new at this. Highly recommended.
        Hugo Formato Educativo
        Formato Educativo

        We connect your sofware ERP, CRM, e-signature with your HubSpot Platform.

        Discover here all the SaaS applications that can be integrated with your HubSpot platform:CRM's, ERP's and advanced tools so you can implement all current and future Marketing and Sales actions in an automatic and integrated way. Microsoft-365 2560px-Slack_Technologies_Logo.svg Facebook-logo Whatsapp_logo.svg zoho177px Logo-Linkedin google-apps-for-work-logo_0

        Improve your Marketing Plan by capturing more qualified leads with HubSpot Hub Marketing

        Monitor and integrate your marketing campaigns and commercial actions in a single platform. 

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