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We are a HubSpot Partner Agency and we are certified in:

  • Inbound Marketing
  • Inbound Sales
  • Onboarding
  • Growth-Driven Design

Our HubSpot Services

linea-separadorInbound Marketing 

Performs marketing actions and integration of the entire system under one tool.linea-separador

linea-separadorInbound Sales

Increase the productivity of your sales team.linea-separador

We have experience in various sectors, see our case studies. 




Choose a sector to learn how we prepare sales and marketing strategies according to your specifications and objectives.linea-separador

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Read the testimonials of our clients and their results after choosing us for different Marketing and Sales actions. linea-separador



Inbound Sales

Increase your sales rates and improve your processes, providing your team the best CRM and the best commercial and digital business smart tools.


We help your sales team to increase their productivity, using a unique CRM platform, which integrates easily with your ERP system and provides you more relevant information about your prospects (lead attribution and monitoring of their activity with your website and emails).


We created a continuous improvement sales system focusing on three phases:

Capture, Qualification and Prioritization of opportunities 

  1. We analyze the process of capturing contacts and opportunities: telephone, visits, web forms, online chat...
  2. You will have very relevant information that will help you to know which channels or acquisition actions work better in order to close more sales, through the attribution or origin of each of your prospects and the monitoring of their activity on your website and emails.
  3. We implemented a rating system to identify and prioritize the best opportunities.
  4. We assign the opportunities to the different sales representatives according to the capabilities and needs of the Commercial Area.




Sales follow-up and closing 

After qualification, we open a new opportunity or business. But the work has just begun: processes must be optimized to close better sales.

It is essential to follow up on the opportunity so that it does not get lost along the way, we meet the commitment dates and we manage to close the sale in the shortest possible time.

1º We set up the sales tools: Sales Pipeline, Quotes, Customer Lifecycle, Online Meetings, Templates and Snippets.

We set up mail flows and automatic workflows to track sales reps' tasks.

3º We create a report of performance of different processes and sales teams and representatives.




Onboarding and after-sales processes


Far from being over, the road to success starts here. A sustainable Inbound Sales Strategy focuses on completing the sales cycle with an onboarding experience aligned with customer expectations. The goal is to maximize the loyalty and profitability of each customer:

  1. Analysis of current onboarding processes.
  2. Adapting processes to optimize new customer experience and automating tasks to maximize post-sales opportunities.
  3. Setting KPI's and rates to set objectives for continuous improvement.
  4. Performance analysis of sales and renewals.



Do you want to know how we can help you? 

Ask for 30 minutes with us to talk about how we can improve your sales processes with an Inbound Sales Strategy, Tools and Training.

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Sales Automation

Using the automation technology of the HubSpot platform, we can schedule tasks and events that improve the sales process of an entire team.

More Information


HubSpot CRM Setup

All your contacts and sales processes in a single platform, where Marketing and Sales collaborate with a powerful CRM in the cloud. 

More information


Consulting & Training

We analyze your sales processes and resources with consulting sessions and in-company training.

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They reduce average selling time

by optimizing follow-up and control processes of opportunities and sales.

They increase commercial productivity

by better qualifying business and eliminating inefficiencies in the prospecting and sales processes.

They achieve synergies using a single application

They integrate their CRM with all their Sales and Marketing tools.
Juan Carlos Llerena
Hayas Marketing supports us with consulting services, support and training to our marketing and sales team, advising us on the implementation of the different HubSpot tools and innovations that are aligned to our strategy..
Juan Carlos Llerena
Sales Director, Evicertia
...Hayas team made the implementation process easy and safe, solving on the fly all the issues and new proposals that have been seen when discovering the potential of the tool.
Andrés Sánchez
General Director, ASP ASEPSIA

We connect your software ERP, CRM, electronic signature, invoicing, etc. with your Hubspot Platform

Discover here all the SaaS applications that can be integrated with your HubSpot platform: CRM's, ERP's and advanced tools so you can set up all current and future Marketing and Sales actions in an automatic and integrated way. Microsoft-365 aircall-small-thumbnail-1 inntercom Whatsapp_logo.svg zoho177px

Do you want to boost your sales with the best sales methodology and business intelligence software?

Improve the customer experience by implementing the best technology and sales methodology for the digital channel. Monitor and integrate your marketing campaigns and commercial actions in a single platform.

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