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4 min read

How to Get the Most Out of the Free Version of HubSpot CRM



HubSpot CRM is renowned for its robust features and powerful capabilities in customer relationship management. While there are paid versions offering even more advanced functionalities, the free version of HubSpot CRM is not lightweight. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore how to maximise the benefits of HubSpot's free CRM, including its notable advantages, limitations, and strategies for harnessing its full potential. We will also discuss when it might be time to consider upgrading to a paid plan.

Benefits of Free HubSpot:

HubSpot's free CRM offers a wide array of benefits that can significantly enhance your business operations. Here are some key advantages to consider:

  1. Contact Management: HubSpot's free CRM provides a centralized platform to manage all your business contacts efficiently. This includes contact information, notes, tasks, and deals. It ensures that your team stays organized and informed about every interaction.
  2. Marketing Automation: Even in the free version, HubSpot includes basic marketing automation tools. These tools allow you to automate repetitive tasks, such as email campaigns and lead nurturing, helping you save time and engage with leads more effectively.
  3. Lead Generation: HubSpot's free CRM offers various lead generation tools that help you capture leads from your website, social media, and email campaigns. This feature is essential for growing your customer base.
  4. CRM Integration: The free CRM integrates seamlessly with other HubSpot tools, enabling you to manage all customer interactions in one place. This unified view enhances collaboration and streamlines your sales and marketing efforts.
  5. Blogging: Free HubSpot users gain access to a user-friendly blogging feature, allowing you to create and publish blog posts on your website. This is valuable for content marketing and attracting visitors.
  6. Social Media Integration: HubSpot's free version allows you to integrate your social media accounts, simplifying social media management and ensuring a cohesive online presence.


Limitations of the Free HubSpot CRM:

While HubSpot's free CRM offers numerous advantages, it does come with certain limitations. Here are the primary constraints to consider:

Limited Access to Features: The free version provides access only to basic features, excluding advanced functionalities like A/B testing, lead scoring, and advanced forms. While suitable for small businesses, some businesses may outgrow these limitations.

Limited Contacts: The free version restricts the number of contacts you can store in your database. This may pose challenges for businesses with a substantial number of leads or customers.

Limited Support: Free users have access to basic support, which may not be sufficient for resolving complex issues or answering specific questions.

Limited Integrations: The free version offers access to a limited number of integrations. This can be restrictive for businesses that rely on various tools and platforms.

No Team Collaboration: Collaboration among team members is not supported in the free version, which can be a drawback for businesses with multiple individuals working on marketing efforts.


How a Small Business Can Take Advantage of the Free HubSpot CRM

Small businesses often operate with limited resources, making efficient use of available tools crucial. The free version of HubSpot CRM provides a perfect solution for small businesses looking to maximize their customer relationship management efforts without breaking the bank. This robust CRM not only streamlines contact management but also offers a suite of marketing and sales tools. In the realm of marketing, HubSpot's drag-and-drop email builders, social media management capabilities, and integrated SEO tools empower small businesses to enhance their marketing automation efforts. With this, you can create and schedule marketing campaigns, automate emails, and gain insights into campaign performance. On the sales front, HubSpot's CRM excels in contact management, lead generation, and email tracking. It ensures your team is always up-to-date, automates follow-ups, and even customizes emails using CRM data. Additionally, HubSpot's CRM facilitates customer service through chatbots, live chat, and mobile app accessibility, allowing small businesses to offer 24/7 support and prioritize customer needs effectively. In conclusion, the free HubSpot CRM is a powerful asset for small businesses, offering a comprehensive set of tools to streamline operations and deliver exceptional customer experiences.


Getting the Most from HubSpot Free CRM:

To harness the full potential of HubSpot's free CRM, consider implementing the following strategies:

  1. Set It Up Right:

Connect your inbox using Gmail and Outlook integration to build your contact database and gain insights into email interactions.

Use calendar integration for efficient meeting scheduling.

Establish access controls to limit user rights for security and collaboration.


  1. Sales and Support Pipelines:

Map out your sales and support processes to create pipelines that align with your real-life stages.

Keep pipelines streamlined and detailed for accurate forecasting and valuable insights.

Encourage staff to add notes and ensure accurate date entries for better reporting and process improvement.

  1. Reporting Dashboard:

Utilise default reports as a starting point and customise them as your business grows.

Apply filters to reports for more granular insights.

Set up scheduled report deliveries via email for convenience.


  1. Email Templates:

Create email templates to streamline communication and maintain consistency.

Focus on frequently sent emails to save time and maintain a standardized approach.

  1. Email Tracking & Notifications:

Turn on email tracking to receive instant notifications when prospects interact with your emails.

Use tracking for important emails to make the most of the limited quota in the free version.

  1. Meeting Scheduling:

Simplify face-to-face meeting scheduling by sending customised links based on mutual availability.

Streamline the process of setting up meetings to enhance client interactions.

  1. Contact Activity:

Leverage insights into visitor behaviour provided by HubSpot's free CRM.

Analyze data points to focus marketing efforts effectively and improve content performance.

Gain valuable insights into customer behavior for more targeted communication.


When to Consider Upgrading:

An upgrade may be necessary when your business requires additional pipelines, customized reports, and advanced analytics. At this moment consider an upgrade when prospecting needs more automation, advanced templates, and sales sequences. Additionally, for large sales teams, automation becomes crucial, making an upgrade an ideal choice.

Book a free consultation with Hayas Marketing, a certified HubSpot partner, and find out whether you are ready to upgrade or not.



HubSpot's free CRM is a powerful tool with numerous advantages, but it's essential to maximize its features and address its limitations to fully support your business goals. By following the strategies outlined in this guide, you can make the most of HubSpot's free CRM and determine when an upgrade is the right choice for your growing business. Remember, investing time in understanding the tool's capabilities and seeking training can yield significant dividends in lead generation and customer relationship management.




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