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What are buyer personas and what are they for?

Defining your Buyer Personas correctly will help you reaching your Ideal Customer, both for B2B and B2C activities.

what is a buyer persona

A Buyer Persona is a fictitious graphical representation (but based on real data) that includes the personal characteristics, interests, needs and behaviors of your ideal customers, related to your activity.

We can see it more clearly with an example. In this case we see a B2B Buyer Persona.

Un Buyer Persona es una representación gráfica ficticia (pero basada en datos reales) que incluyen las características personales, intereses, necesidades y comportamientos de tus clientes ideales, relacionados con tu actividad.

Lo vemos más claro con un ejemplo. En este caso vemos un Buyer Persona B2B.

Copia de Marta Jiménez

advantages of defining and creating your Buyer Personas

In a Digital Strategy focused on Personas, the advantages of having well-defined Buyer Personas profiles are the following:

  • It will help you create a consistent Content Marketing Strategy, oriented to help your Customers in their different stages of their Customer Journey.
  • You will identify and qualify better (and automatically) the new business opportunities that come to you, thanks to their identifiers in the CRM (professional position, activity, age, product/service of interest, belonging to a target group, etc...).
  • It is important to document who and how your Customer is so that the whole company is aligned and above all that we do not only have "in mind" aspects that are strategic.

What is the purpose of defining
these profiles?

The correct description and development of Buyer Personas serves in a different and complementary way to the areas of the company:

  • For the Content Area (if it is separated from Marketing) it is a very important figure to direct the writing of content to solve their problems and help them achieve their objectives.
  • For the Marketing Area it allows them to identify the profiles on which they should focus their Strategy.
  • For Sales it is useful because it helps them to identify and qualify their prospects automatically and thus prioritize commercial contacts, knowing in advance that they are qualified business opportunities.
  • For the Operations Area it is important because it helps to automate processes..
  • For the R&D or Marketing or Product Areas it helps them to improve and evolve the functionalities of the products or services they provide to their Customers.


The Buyer Persona and the Ideal Customer Profile are two different but related things.

The Ideal Customer Profile in B2B companies refers to a company profile, which includes the business and affinity criteria of the companies that are most similar to your strategy. While the B2B Buyer Persona is the person is the graphic representation of the interlocutor in charge of buying or deciding to contract your products or services.

In the case of B2C it is different, while the Buyer Persona profile is a graphical representation with characteristics related to their challenges, behavior and problems, the B2C ideal customer profile describes the priority business criteria that this Buyer Persona or Customer should have in order to guide marketing campaigns and attraction techniques.

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