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3 min read

Your Strategy with Marketing Model Canvas

Can you imagine seeing your entire Marketing Strategy at a glance? With Marketing Model Canvas you get a mind map or graphical representation of your strategy in a very simple and inspiring way on a single page.

In this article we share you a template to create your Marketing Model Canvas and we show you a practical example in one of our videos.

¿what is the Marketing Model Canvas?

It is a very functional tool that will serve as a Marketing Guide to see at a glance all your Marketing Strategy and resources. It is a version of the famous Business Model Canvas by Alex Osterwalder, customized for the Marketing Area.

Here its main advantages:

  • It serves as a guide to generate focus on what actions to take and how to carry them out.

  • It is a summary to understand in a holistic way the Digital Marketing Strategy of your company, which you can present to partners or the Management Committee in an executive way.

  • Share it and enrich it with other colleagues to align your Marketing and Sales Plan.

  • Train and inform colleagues who join the company.

This Marketing Model Canvas forces us to make an exercise of synthesis to keep the most important and an exercise of integration of the main elements that every Marketing Strategy must include.


como hacer un Marketing Model Canvas

Here you can see the graphical representation for the fictitious company NETANY, a SaaS platform for business management applications. Download your copy and customize your own model.

Make a copy of this Marketing Model Canvas Template with Excel/Google Sheet. Just click and enter FILE/MAKE COPY to save your copy and customize it for your company. 

Captura de pantalla 2021-12-29 a las 11.59.16


Let's take a brief look at each of the sections included in the Marketing Model Canvas:


Value Proposition

The value proposition is the pillar of an Inbound Strategy. It is the phrase that follows the brand name and should express what makes it useful and different from the competition. 

An interesting exercise that can help you analyze the value proposition is to analyze what is known as the "Job to be done (JTBD)", the job that your customer wants to solve, but thinking more about the motivations (physical, emotional, social) than the features and benefits of the product or service.

For example, the JTBD of an airline for a weekend or long weekend trip for two people, is not to offer transportation from point A to point B, but to offer the best experience to spend a long weekend with your partner. As you can see, from this point of view, not only other airlines would be your competition, but also a movie, a play or any other alternative to the weekend experience. 

To arrive at the value proposition I suggest you download this simple and useful template. Start by analyzing the problems or pain points that your Buyer Persona has, then pose the different alternatives that he/she would have and finally you will arrive at your value proposition. Do it for each of your Buyer Personas.


Buyer Persona

Buyer Personas are fictitious representations of the people you want to buy or contract your products or services. It is important to know in depth data about their activity in the digital channel, the challenges they face, their interests, the media they use to get information, their behavior in relation to purchases/contracts and their digital culture. In general, everything that helps you to better understand their buying motivations and their behavior in the digital channel.



Metrics help us focus on the creation and measurement of different marketing campaigns and should be goal-oriented:

  • Number of customers

  • Number of leads

  • Cost of customer acquisition, cost per lead...

  • SEO positioning, organic CTR, target keywords

  • Paid CTR, campaign acquisition



In this section we have to consider all the communication channels we have open with our customers and audience in general:

  • Where we make our offer known

  • Where the purchase is made

  • Where we help evaluate products

  • Where we provide value

  • Where we guarantee customer satisfaction


These activities are the routine marketing and sales actions that you must manage and evolve within your Strategy:

  • Sales planning

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Human Resources

  • Campaigns

  • Innovation

  • Customer Support


tools / key internal resources 

Here we have to consider all the resources we have available to carry out the key activities:

  • Human (your internal team)

  • Physical (technology, stores, office...)

  • Intellectual (a methodology, a patent...)

  • Economic (own funds, grants, loans...)

partners & alliances

Partnerships are complementary to key resources. We could say that they are the external resources such as:

  • Business partnership

  • Business Partners

  • Marketing Partner

  • Ecosystem/Marketplace

There is an increasing trend in the market to outsource resources to optimize processes in hyper-specialized companies in specific niches that are not part of the "core business" of the company, activities such as Accounting, Marketing, HR, operations...


contents strategy

The Content Strategy, which will be one of the key activities of the Marketing routine, must contemplate the different channels and actions to be carried out, such as:

  • Blog posts (new and updates).

  • RRSS (programming posts, social ads...)

  • Inbound Marketing Campaigns (Case study, awareness campaign...)

  • New solutions or products 


Finally we should add the income that we will obtain thanks to the marketing strategy, the objectives that we will set.  Also, we should also consider the costs we will have to set the entire Marketing Plan, both internal costs (people hired to execute the Marketing Plan) and external costs (agency costs or contracting of actions to personnel outside the company).

Finally, remember that it is advisable to review your company's Marketing Model Canvas every time we modify any structural element of the Strategy or create new solutions or new products to incorporate them into the canvas.


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